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First seen: Sonic the Comic #8 (1993)
Gender: N/A (referred to as male)
Series: Sonic the Comic

The Omnipotent Omni-Viewer is a sentient energy field that exists in Sonic the Comic. Resident in the Special Zone, it is introduced in issue #8 as an "old friend" of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

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As a "viewer", it is initially used to allow Sonic to show his friends Tails, Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot how he and Dr. Robotnik were created, however later issues used the Omni-Viewer primarily as a means of transport into and out of the Special Zone. The Omni-Viewer is seen to work with the Chaotix Crew as a way of defending the Special Zone from outsiders.

The Omni-Viewer is instrumental in kicking off the events of Sonic the Comic, as it is forced by Dr. Robotnik to transport the four into the future, allowing Robotnik to take over Mobius. For the following 92 issues, Sonic and his team of Freedom Fighters would fight Robotnik to free the planet.

For a lengthy run, the Omni-Viewer attempted to imprison the crazed Super Sonic, a murderous and powerful entity who by that time had been separated from Sonic entirely, within his energy field by stopping time. However, Super Sonic was not completely trapped in Omni; a finger remained outside the field, forcing time within the Omni-Viewer to pass very slowly instead of remaining at a standstill. Because of Super Sonic's great speed, he eventually managed to escape, however so did the Omni-Viewer, who after being repaired returned to normal service for the Chaotix.

The Omni-Viewer has never appeared in a video game. However, he could have been inspired by the successful Do me a favour... Plug me into a Sega marketing campaign which had occurred some years prior, as this too featured a talking screen.


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