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Chris Thorndyke
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 12Media:Sonicx-ep5-eye1.jpg[1] (Seasons 1 & 2), 18[fn 1] (Season 3)
Height: 140cm (4'7") (child)Media:Sonicx-ep5-eye1.jpg[1]
Weight: 35kg (77.2lbs) (child)Media:Sonicx-ep5-eye1.jpg[1]
Series: Sonic X
First seen: "Chaos Control Freaks"
An older Chris Thorndyke as seen in Episode 52

Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke is a character and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's best friends in the hit anime Sonic X. Christopher's mother, Lindsey Fair, is an actress, and his father, Nelson, is a CEO of a computer company. After saving Sonic the Hedgehog from drowning in a swimming pool, he becomes friends with Sonic. Christopher joins in Sonic's adventures to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds. This involves going against Dr. Eggman's plans to rule the universe.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

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Chris's parents were always very busy with thier work ever since he was a toddler and hardly ever were able to spend time with thier only son, being able to see him only a few times a year. This caused Chris to become very lonely and to emotionally attach to any friend he could make (which wasn't easy considering his wealth). After he takes Sonic the Hedgehog away to his family's summer home and his parents find him, he is finally able to make his parents understand that he doesn't care about riches, he just wants them to be together as a family which they do from then on.

During the first season, he helps Sonic and the others get used to his world while getting into some trouble with Dr. Eggman. By the end of the season he worries deeply for Sonic after he is injured after Eggman's rogue robot attacks him. After Sonic's transformation, he begs Sonic not to return to his planet saying that he would be alone, being unable to do anything on his own without him.

By the second season, Chris' world and Sonic's world become one and he is happy that Sonic can stick around. In the Sonic Adventure arc of the season, he helps out Big the Cat in searching for his friend Froggy. In the Sonic Adventure 2 arc of the season, he is taken captive by Dr. Eggman after jumping on Shadow right when he was performing Chaos Control. Throughout his time aboard the ARK, he tries to convince Shadow to do the right thing. During the final episodes of the season he learns that Sonic and friends must return to their own world or else time would stop. Chris didn't want Sonic to leave him so he ends up "kidnapping" him right before he was to enter the gate that would send him back. After spending some time with Sonic he realizes that he needs to let Sonic go.

In the third season, six years has passed and Chris is now a young adult. He spent his time fixing the machine that was used to send Sonic back to his world so that he may enter it and rejoin him. It works but Chris ages down and returns to his age in the first and second season, due to an unforeseen error. However, upon arriving, he also learns that only 6 months had passed in Sonic's world. Chris' role dropped significantly in the third season due to the appearance of new comer, Cosmo. He seemed much more intelligent and mature than he was and is able to invent things for Sonic to use. By the end of the season, as well as the series, Eggman sends Chris back to his own world.

In other media

Sonic X (Archie comic)

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Game appearances

Chris Thorndyke appears on a sign advertising Sonic X in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. Chris also appears in the Sonic X Leapster game.


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Some Sonic fans who dislike him feel that Chris upstages the other characters, especially Miles "Tails" Prower, on Sonic X. During the Sonic Adventure 2 arc of the series, he ultimately takes over Amy's role in helping Shadow remember his promise to Maria and Rouge's role in receiving Shadow's bracelet after he "dies". However there are also many Sonic fans out there who like Chris and appriciate him as a character.

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  1. Six years are stated to have passed between the events of seasons 2 and 3.


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