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English story from US manual

Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf

Tomorrow's the big opening day for Carnival Island, a huge resort with the latest in high-tech rides and games. As guardian of the island, it's Knuckles' job to make sure nothing goes wrong before the grand event.

Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Robotnik has other plans. he needs fuel for his latest diabolical devices, and the Power Emerald that supplies electricity to the entire island fits the bill perfectly. His awful new invention, the Combi Confiner, should help him get rid of that annoying echidna and his friends.

When Knuckles returns from patrolling the far end of the island, he discovers that Dr. Robotnik has imporsed all of his friends—Espio the Chameleon, Mighty the Armadillo, Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee. After he chases the Doctor off, Knuckles discovers that he can resuce one friend at a time by using Ring Power...only the power that sparks between the Rings hold the two partners together like a magical rubber band. Never held back for long, Knuckles finds that with a little teamwork, he can use the stretching and snapping action of the Ring Power to double—even triple—the partners' speed.

And they need all the speed they can get. As Dr. Robotnik drains the power from Carnival Island, everything on the island begins to break down. Robotnik must be stopped, or by tomorrow morning—the morning of Carnival Island's big opening day—the grand amusement park will lie in ruins!

Translated from Japanese manual

Chaotix 32X JP manual.pdfChaotix 32X JP manual.pdf

(This is the story listed in the Japanese manual for Chaotix. Translation by Kiyo Yamazaki.)

In island afloat somewhere in the world

A few months have passed since that incident which brought the island within a close brush of the ocean surface. There is a surge of activity deep in the seabed of the Southern Oceans, causing an island to suddenly appear out of it. This was the resulting aftermath of tectonic activity stimulated by the Master Emerald Pillar on the Floating island. What's more, the new island began to alter its shape with incredible speed.

The Pillar's energy was changing the island from a mere hunk of rock to a lush tropical Eden. "There's gotta be something on that island..." Knuckles, the guardian of the Master Emerald Pillar is irked with questions about the sudden and ever-ongoing change that the island is experiencing. Could it be that the remnants of the legendary civilization that perished in the distant past, when the Powerstone ran amok?

"Something must be amplifying the power of the Pillar." This was the thought that occurred to Knuckles. Duty-bound to his role as Guardian, he heads for the island alone. But he was not alone. The very same thought had occurred to the notorious scientific genius, Dr. Eggman, who was already there investigating the island. There, Eggman found a small ring engraved with ancient text. Now he knew the island was indeed part of the lost civilization. He also finds another ring identical to the Super Ring on the Floating island. And it turned out to be a very special ring, one used in antiquity before the legendary civilization was lost.

"With this, I can access the Master Emerald once again" Eggman is elated by the discovery. However, the Powerstone (which the special ring could control) had already been removed to the Floating island by the gods descended from heaven.

But the strange dimensional space created by the special ring is filled up with the Pillar's energy, forming a ring-shaped crystal called the "Chaos Ring".

"If I uncover the secrets of the special ring, I'll have the secrets to the rings of Sonic and his pesky gang. And I'll have the power to summon the Master Emerald!" With this scheme in mind, Eggman quickly builds a fortress on the island. The resort he has dubbed "Neutrogic High-Zone" is aswirl with Eggman's evil plan. When Knuckles arrived, it was already too late. Eggman had succeeded in crystallizing the energy. He named the artificial ring the Dark Ring. And he was on his way to developing the Ring Power, which would produce time-dimensional connections between different rings.

"Once I have this, they'll be able to do nothing. No one will get in my way, and the world will at last be mine!" Eggman was now well on his way to realizing his ambitions.


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