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Bat Robot
TailsAdventures GG Sprite Bat.png
Bat Robot
Game: Tails Adventures
Affiliation: Battle Kukkus
Hits to defeat: 1

The Bat Robot[1] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventures.


Bat Robots, as their name would suggest, are robotic bats with green wings and glowing eyes. These robots are usually stationed in caves, particularly Volcanic Tunnel, Cavern Island and Polly Mt. 2, where they will hang from ceilings with their eyes switched off. When Tails approaches a Bat Robot, its eyes will light up, and will swoop down to attack him if he gets closer to it. These can be particularly annoying if the player flies about near them, but they can be avoided by jumping, ducking or using the Helmet.

Any type of Bomb will take care of them whether they are hanging from the ceiling or swooping down. Like many enemies in Tails Adventures, Bat Robots have a chance of dropping a Ring when destroyed.


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