Caron Forest

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Tails Adventures
Caron Forest
Caron Forest
Seventh level, Tails Adventures
Level theme: jungle
Green Island | Lake Crystal

At about the time of Caron Forest, the stage numbering in Tails Adventures gets a bit indistinct, as once Tails has the napalm bomb from Cavern Island, he can gain access to all the goodies in both Caron Forest and Green Island. Unlike many levels in Tails Adventures, Caron Forest is not one that you have to keep coming back to as new items open up new routes; Tails can clean out the area first time.


Caron Forest is much the same kind of woodland as Poloy Forest before it got burned (to the extent, in fact, that Caron Forest uses the same graphics set as Poloy Forest, just with a static green background rather than a scrolling, fiery one). This patch of largely unspoiled greenery in Cocoa Island's northwest hosts only a token force of Battle Kukku enemies.

There are plenty of puzzle-like routes to take through this stage, requiring clever maneuvering of both Tails and the Remote Robot. Strong winds blowing though underground caves require the fox to trust in his jumping skills while crossing bottomless pits.

Caron Forest hides:

W Chaos Emerald; Triple Bomb; Proton Torpedo; Sonic

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