Great Battle Kukku 15th

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Great Battle Kukku 15th
First seen: Tails Adventures (1995)
Species: Battle Kukku
Gender: Male

Great Battle Kukku 15th (グレイトバトルクック15世)Media:TA_JP_Manual.pdf[1] is the leader of the Battle Kukku Empire - the final boss and principal antagonist of Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear. Residing in the very core of the floating Battle Fortress, this crazed bird doesn't deign to fight Tails until the fox has blown up his son and heir.


This boss likes bombs. Great Battle Kukku 15th strolls casually back and forth across the fight arena, hurling golden explosives with reckless abandon. Get too close and the avian imperator will grab Tails by his non-existent collar and shake him around before hurling the fox against the wall. As his health decreases, the boss branches out with new methods of bomb-throwing; curling them along the ground or tossing four at once into the air. The safest place to be seems to lie directly above the bird's head, raining a steady stream of explosives down on his hat.

Great Battle Kukku 15th
Game: Tails Adventures
Level: Battle Fortress 2

After finally taking the Battle Kukku army's leader down, Tails expedites a speedy escape on the Sea Fox as the Battle Fortress collapses into the sea. Cue end sequence!

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