Poloy Forest

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Tails Adventures
Poloy Forest
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Poloy Forest
First level, Tails Adventures
Level theme: jungle
Boss: Bird Walker
Volcanic Tunnel

Poloy Forest is the first level in Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear, coming before Volcanic Tunnel. Although thanks to the non-linear nature of Tails Adventures, the young fox must return to the region on various occasions as new items open up new routes; like napalm opening the path to Caron Forest.


Shown in the opening sequence as a quiet woodland inhabited by Flickies, Poloy Forest is firebombed into a raging inferno by the opening volleys of the Battle Kukku's invasion of Cocoa Island. Thus roused from his forest nap in a most unpleasant fashion, Tails sets off through the burning woodland to repel the tweeting invaders.

Poloy Forest features giant trees which Tails and the Battle Kukkus fight inside, as well as along the branches. Extensive cave networks provide at least some minor respite from the blazing inferno, although Kukku troopers are occupying those too.

The boss is the Bird Walker, a stomping, green mecha with lots and lots of flamethrowers.

Items to pick up in Poloy Forest include:

Remote Robot; Speed Boots; Radio; R Chaos Emerald; Spark

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