Battle Fortress 1

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Battle Fortress 1
Battle Fortress 1
Eleventh level, Tails Adventures
Location: Cocoa Island
Level theme: sky
Coco Island | Battle Fortress 2

Battle Fortress 1 (just called Battle Fortress in the English version, thereby rendering it indistinguishable form the next stage of the same name), is the eleventh and penultimate level of Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear. A Sea Fox level like Lake Crystal and Lake Rocky, Battle Fortress 1 sees Tails take to the skies to fight the Battle Kukkus above Cocoa Island.


With their chief scientist, Doctor Fukurokov, recently squished under a rock by Tails, the Battle Kukkus decide to stop playing games and reveal their true hand. As Tails powers away from Coco Island, the base rises up from the sea to become the Battle Fortress, a massive airbourne stronghold levitated by the same black-hemispherical-antigrav as Dr. Eggman's Egg Mobile.

If he hasn't acquired it already, Tails has to make a quick trip back to Polly Mountain 1 with the Great Bomb he picked up in Polly Mountain 2, to blast his way into possession of the Rocket Booster upgrade. Thus outfitted, the Sea Fox can be turned into a rudimentary jet plane to attack the floating fortress.

The Battle Fortress above Cocoa Island.

Battle Fortress 1 sees Tails dogfighting with Kukku troops in the skies around the great stronghold. The level is divided into two sections; the first a free-flying aerial combat section, where the fox simply has to survive and get from left to right. Hugging the bottom of the screen is generally a successful (if cowardly) tactic. The second section sees the Sea Fox flying up some sort of mechanical chasm, dodging gun emplacements and bomb-dropping defenders. The Anti-Air Missile can be quite useful here, to take out fixed defenses above the player in safety (since they can't shoot downwards).

There are no items available in Battle Fortress 1.


TailsAdventures GG Sprite PlaneKukku.png
Pilot Combatant — Kukkus piloting small planes throughout the first section.
TailsAdventures GG Sprite CannonKukku.png
Cannon Launcher — Kukkus manning cannons that defend the second section/
TailsAdventures GG Sprite BomberKukku.png
Flying Bomber — Flying Kukkus that drop bombs.

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