Cavern Island

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Tails Adventures
Cavern Island
Cavern Island
Fifth level, Tails Adventures
Level theme: underground/cave
Boss: Mecha Golem
Underwater areas: Yes
Lake Rocky | Green Island

Cavern Island is the fifth level in Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear, coming after Lake Rocky and before Green Island. Unlike most levels in Tails Adventures, Cavern Island is not one that you have to keep coming back to as new items open up new routes; Tails can clean out the area first time.


After making it through Lake Rocky in the Sea Fox, Tails arrives in a cavernous island riddled with a submarine labyrinth of caves and tunnels. Although the regular avian troops of the Battle Kukku Army are nowhere to be seen (except for the boss), their robotic minions are all over the place, with Nezu mouse-bots scuttling back and forth and mechanised bats terrorising the cave roofs.

Navigating the savage riptides and diminutive foes alike, Tails can acquire in Cavern Island:

Mine; Napalm; Anti-Air Missile (from the boss)

...the boss being Mecha Golem, a bulbous bipedal robot with an extensible arm.

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