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General bugs

Misspelled items

TailsAdventures GG Bug MisspelledItem1.png
TailsAdventures GG Bug MisspelledItem2.png

Two of the items in the game are spelled incorrectly in-game. The Radio is spelled as the "Raido" on the Equip screen only (it is spelled correctly when picked up in Poloy Forest), and the Rocket Booster is spelled as the "Rocket Booter" both when picked up and on the Equip screen.

Not fixed in any version.

Knuckles item movement

TailsAdventures GG KnucklesItemUsage.png

For whatever reason, whenever Tails uses the Knuckles item while walking right, he will move backwards slightly, making the short-ranged item more difficult to use when facing right. By repeatedly pressing 1 while holding Right, the player can shift back further to the left edge of the camera. Tails does not move when using the item while standing still, and moves to the left as expected when using it while walking to the left.

Not fixed in any version.

Control Tails and the Remote Robot at the same time

TailsAdventures GG Bug SimultaneousMovement1.png
Deploy right as Tails climbs a step...
TailsAdventures GG Bug SimultaneousMovement2.png
Both can move at the same time...
TailsAdventures GG Bug SimultaneousMovement3.png
...and can even fly together!
TailsAdventures GG Bug SimultaneousMovement4.png
Uh oh.

Normally Tails is not allowed to move while operating the Remote Robot. However, if the player presses 1 on the exact frame Tails begins climbing a step, the Remote Robot will be deployed during the animation, and the player will be able to control both Tails and the Remote Robot simultaneously.

In this state, the game will struggle to draw their animations at the same time, leading to their sprite mappings getting jumbled when they move. Terrain collisions can only apply if both of them land on the ground, therefore it is possible for Tails and/or the Remote Robot to fall through the floor if either of them begins flying. If Tails recalls the Remote Robot while in the air and is moving, some of his sprite mappings may disappear until he leaves the current area.

This bug is commonly exploited in speedruns to perform major sequence breaks and reach certain items and areas earlier than intended.

Not fixed in any version.

Level-specific bugs

Lake Rocky

Clip through the ceiling

TailsAdventures GG Bug LR CeilingClip1.png
TailsAdventures GG Bug LR CeilingClip2.png
TailsAdventures GG Bug LR CeilingClip3.png

When in the second area (leading to Cavern Island and Lake Crystal), the player will come across a narrow passageway with rocks to break through using the Sea Fox's front drill. If the player lets go of the D-Pad and lets the Sea Fox drill into the rocks with its remaining momentum while repeatedly using the Vulcan Gun, there is a chance that the player will get stuck in the rocks, then clip through the ceiling. Should this happen, the player can move around inside the walls, but they will not be able to get out, requiring the player to reset the game.

Not fixed in any version.

Cavern Island

Ignore water currents

TailsAdventures GG Bug CI IgnoreCurrents1.png
Currents normally block the way down.
TailsAdventures GG Bug CI IgnoreCurrents2.png
Get hit here.
TailsAdventures GG Bug CI IgnoreCurrents3.png
Fall down here.

Some of Cavern Island's flooded passages have fast-moving currents that force Tails in specific directions. When Tails takes damage from an enemy or hazard, he will ignore the effects of all tiles that force him to move in different directions. By taking damage in specific places, the player can go down passages that are meant to be one-way and therefore take unintended shortcuts through the level.

Not fixed in any version.


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