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Cannon rotation

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The Wrench has only one use in the game: to redirect the conveyor belts in Battle Fortress 2. It does, however, have another use: if Tails stands on top of one of the cannons in Coco Island and uses the Wrench on top of them, he will change the cannon's direction, displaying a rotating animation that would otherwise be unused. There is little point to this, as the cannons would turn back to face the correct direction shortly afterwards.

No player would ever think to use the Wrench on these cannons and see this behaviour, as the item is not obtained until the player has already cleared Coco Island, at which point the player would no longer be able to select Coco Island on the map screen. However, if the player takes the same route through Lake Rocky again, they can revisit Coco Island and bring the Wrench into the level.


Code Effect
A767 AA3A 58A6 ED16 All Chaos Emeralds.
ADE7 AA2A 51A6 6D12 All items and level select.
ADE6 AA2A 51A6 6D13 All items, all stages beat, all bosses beat except final boss (sub-final boss is beaten).

Build date

Similar to other games developed by Aspect, the game's build date can be located at ROM address $C0:

GG TAILS ADVENTURES < Ver1,02 > 1995/07/21 @SEGA/Aspect Co.,Ltd

Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.

Pro Action Replay

Unofficial codes

Code Effect
00D2F7:09 Infinite Rings.


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