Green Island

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Tails Adventures
Green Island
Green Island
Sixth level, Tails Adventures
Level theme: jungle
Cavern Island | Caron Forest

At about the time of Green Island, the stage numbering in Tails Adventures gets a bit indistinct, as once Tails has the napalm bomb from Cavern Island, he can gain access to all the goodies in both Green Island and Caron Forest. Unlike many levels in Tails Adventures, Green Island is not one that you have to keep coming back to as new items open up new routes; Tails can clean out the area first time.


After sailing away from Cavern Island and defeating Lake Rocky's Kukku Cruiser, the Sea Fox can make its way to this jungle islet which is northwest of Cocoa Island. Secret passages abound inside the giant treetrunks, and there's rocky caves and updrafts throughout, as well as densely packed underbrush that only an application of fire will remove.

Green Island is infested with some of the smallest, most annoying enemies in the game. First and foremost, there's bees, whom have bulbous hives hanging from many a bough and branches all over the forest. Bombing the bees' homes brings out the queen, a deadly insect the size of Tails' head that will pursue him until she is taken out of commission by bombs. On top of that, the Battle Kukkus are here - in the form of pint-sized berzerker troops that try to kick Tails' shins to death.

Green Island hides:

Extra Speed; Night Scope; W Chaos Emerald

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