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The following are instruction manuals for the Sega Game Gear game Tails Adventures.


Translated from the Japanese manual

TA JP Manual.pdf

This is the story listed in the Japanese manual of Tails Adventures. Translation by Windii.

Cocoa Island, a small island that's not even marked on the map, was floating in the distant south ocean... It was a beautiful island that floated on a coral reef, and is said to be the place where the Chaos Emeralds lay dormant since ancient times.

Tails has been living on this island for quite a long time. This is a story from before Tails met Sonic...

Tails... real name Miles Prower, is a fox that has two tails and an inventor that has a laboratory called Tails House in the southern outskirts of the island. Every day, Tails lives a carefree life in this laboratory.

On that day, Tails was enjoying a nap in the shade of the forest near the house. The forest's greenery blocking sun's glare, the wing flapping and the chirping of the little birds made him feel really good. However...

BOOM!!! The sound of a big explosion suddenly echoed in the forest!!

"Whoa, what the!? What's going on!?" Tails panicked with a half awake look.
"Tails! Tails! We're in trouble!" The small bird Flicky shouted to Tails.
"Tails! The Battle Kukku army finally came to this island as well!"
"Battle what now!?" Tails had no clue what was going on.
"Battle Kukku! It's the dictator Great Battle Kukku's imperial army!"
"Grate Batl Cuckoo? Impryal armie???"
"Great Battle Kukku is looking for the Chaos Emeralds for world domination!"
"What'd you say!?" Tails was dumbfounded from the all too sudden event, with many trees of the forest being mowed down and giant mechs spitting out flames reflecting in his eyes.

That's right. The emperor of the Battle Kukku army that's plotting for world domination, Great Battle Kukku XV, set his eyes on the energy that the Chaos Emeralds hid, and sent large-scale mining army corps to Cocoa Island.

"I finally, finally found it!! Cock-a-doodle-doo!! If I have the Chaos Emeralds, it'll be virtually the same as having already conquered the world!! Come on, my henchmen! Get all the Chaos Emeralds, without leaving a single one behind!! Cock-a-doodle-doo!!"

The forests, the mountains, and the entire island is bursting into flames before our eyes.
Cocoa Island is undoubtedly in a huge crisis!!
And now, the only one on this island who can fight against the Battle Kukku army in this crisis, is Tails.

Can Tails muster up the courage and crush Great Battle Kukku's terrible ambitions?
And will he be able to save Cocoa Island!?

The very first adventure that Tails has never experienced before is about to be born...!!

English story from US manual

TailsAdventures GG US SonicGems manual.pdf

The Fortress Attacks!

Welcome to Tails Island, Tails' favorite holiday spot. Sonic and Tails have temporarily parted for a little vacation time. Even heroes need some time off now and then, and at this moment Tails is enjoying a rest in the woods.

But the peace doesn't last long. There is a great noise, and the woods are suddenly ablaze! Tails sees a flying fortress lowering on the horizon, launching attacks against the island. Who could be landing such an attack on this harmless place?

There is no time for guessing. As Tails, you must fight the bird forces and stop the Battle Fortress from taking complete control of the island. On land, in the air, and at sea, you'll be battling some pretty tough birds! Several useful items are scattered throughout the island which you will need in your adventures. The animals of the island are counting on you!

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