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Tropical Resort
  • Classic
  • Modern
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Tropical Resort
Seventh level, Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: carnival/casino
Boss: Silver the Hedgehog
Non-English names:
  • JP: トロピカルリゾート Toropikaru Rizōto
Water Palace

Tropical Resort is the seventh level in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, and an adaptation of the original Tropical Resort from Sonic Colours. Like with Planet Wisp in the console/PC versions, Color Powers are used in this level, with each Sonic getting his own Wisp to find.

The enemies found here are Egg Pawns that will throw their "Welcome" signs at the Sonics, and Spinners that serve as Homing Attack chains.


Act 1

Classic Sonic follows the Nintendo DS version of the game in his Act, being able to collect Red Wisps and use the Red Burst from that game. While using Red Burst, Sonic will come across various gimmicks that help support the Color Power, including explosive Eggman balloons to bounce him upwards, jet-fueled catapults that launch him through walls, and floating fireballs that recharge his Color Power. The Act ends with Sonic riding a series of firework rockets to reach the Signpost at the top.

Act 2

On the other side, Modern Sonic collects Cyan Wisps and uses the Cyan Laser to careen through enemies at high speeds, or to propel himself at Prisms that will take him to higher routes. At the end of the Act, Sonic will be thrust into another do-or-die situation where he must grind across three parallel rails that are constantly bombarded by meteorites that will instantly kill him if he collides with them. To dodge the meteorites, the player must press Left or Right to switch rails and avoid the glowing red spots that mark where the meteorites will land.


Act 1

No. Mission Description Reward
078 Perfection Clear Tropical Resort Act 1 in 1:00.00 without taking damage! Reach for the Stars (Music)
079 Ring Collector Collect 30 Rings in Tropical Resort Act 1 in 0:30.00! Aquarium Park - Act 1 (Music)
080 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Tropical Resort Act 1 in time! Starlight Carnival - Act 1 (Music)
081 Rampage! Defeat 10 enemies in Tropical Coast Act 1 in 2:00.00! Illustration 6 (Art)
082 Stealth Attack Clear Tropical Resort Act 1 in 0:20.00 without defeating enemies! 2010 Illustration (Art)
083 Special Trial Use Red Burst to defeat 4 enemies at once in Tropical Resort Act 1 in 2:00.00! Orbot & Cubot (Model)

Act 2

No. Mission Description Reward
084 Die-Hard Clear Tropical Resort Act 2 in 4:00.00 without losing a life! Illustration 7 (Art)
085 Ring Collector Collect 100 Rings in Tropical Resort Act 2 in 1:00.00! Let the Speed Mend It (Music)
086 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Tropical Resort Act 2 in time! Illustration 8 (Art)
087 Rampage! Defeat 20 enemies in Tropical Resort Act 2 in 0:40.00! Knight of the Wind (Music)
088 Stealth Attack Clear Tropical Resort Act 2 in 1:30.00 without defeating enemies! 20th Anniversary Figurine (Art)
089 Special Trial Use Cyan Laser to defeat 6 enemies at once in Tropical Resort Act 2 in 0:20.00! Silver (Model)


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The following are the suggested clear times for achieving a high enough score to achieve each Rank:

S-Rank A-Rank B-Rank C-Rank D-Rank
Act 1
Act 2



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