Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Generations 3DS boss)

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Shadow the Hedgehog
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Shadow the Hedgehog
Game: Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Level: Radical Highway
Hits to defeat: Win Race
Fought by: Modern Sonic

The rival battle against Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS) takes place in the elevated streets of Radical Highway.


Like the previous rival battle, its a race to the finish to beat Shadow in a 1-Act race. The race also takes place in an existing level in the game instead of using a totally new environment like the console fight. Similar to the portable game series Sonic Rivals, Sonic and Shadow can attack each other mid-race to slow each other down. Shadow can perform the Sonic Boost as well as Modern Sonic, so its crucial to keep your speed up and dodge obstacles quickly.


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