Big Arm

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Big Arm
Big Arm
Game: Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Level: Mushroom Hill (Sonic Generations 3DS)
Hits to defeat: 8
Fought by: Classic Sonic

The Big Arm is the first major boss of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, returning from the end of Launch Base Zone in all its mighty glory to take on Classic Sonic once more.


Fighting again underneath the rising Death Egg, the boss now has a few differences from its previous fight, including some new attacks. It will do its grab attack from the original, but it also utilizes the 3D arena to change positions and attack from different angles. The boss also has a new hand slam attack, an air push move, and a different method of its spike hair attack. Instead of going below deck like the original fight which wouldn't really work in this context, it charges close to the ground to produce the same attack. Hit Eggman whenever there is an opening, and after 8 hits the fight will be yours.


No. Mission Description Reward
097 1-Ring Boss Defeat Big Arm in 2:00.00 with 1 Ring! Big Arm (Model)


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