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General bugs

Increased speed from a rolling jump

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug RollingJump1.png
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug RollingJump2.png

If Classic Sonic jumps while rolling on the ground, he will rapidly gain extra momentum while in the air, more than he normally would if he jumped while running. This even happens if Sonic rolls off a ledge and the player holds forward. The long, straight paths of Radical Highway are good places to practice this at.

Similar behaviour exists in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.[1]

Not fixed in any version.

Level-specific bugs

Green Hill

Pushing animation glitch

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug GHPushAnimation.png

Should Sonic push this set of spikes in Act 1, his pushing animation will constantly jitter on the spot.

Not fixed in any version.

Out of bounds via the loop-de-loop

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug GHLoopClip1.png
Spin Dash here...
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug GHLoopClip2.png
...then jump at the loop's corner.
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug GHLoopClip3.png
You'll clip through the terrain, and...
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug GHLoopClip4.png

After passing the loop-de-loop in Act 1, perform a Spin Dash and jump into the very top-right corner of the loop. This will cause Sonic to clip through the terrain and die.

Not fixed in any version.

Mushroom Hill

Sliding Spin Dash

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug MHSlidingSpinDash1.png
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug MHSlidingSpinDash2.png

To execute this glitch, the player must reach the ramp with the Madmole near the end of Act 1, and have the Madmole throw a mushroom at Sonic. The player should then position themselves on the ramp, and then attempt a Spin Dash right before the mushroom hits them. If performed correctly, Sonic will slide back and forth on the ramp and the slope in a Spin Dash state until the player lets go of Down.

Not fixed in any version.

Clip into the ceiling

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug MHCeilingClip1.png
Start from here...
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug MHCeilingClip2.png
...then do a boost jump.
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug MHCeilingClip3.png
The ceiling stops here. Do this high enough...
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug MHCeilingClip4.png
...and Sonic drops through the ceiling.

At the highest Checkpoint in Act 2, boost, then jump after Sonic passes over the Speed Booster. After jumping, press and hold Y to do another boost in the air, then perform a Jump Dash as Sonic begins to fall. Sonic will reach the ceiling up ahead, revealing that it stops at a certain point, and if the player is precise enough, they will clip through it, and possibly die via bottomless pit.

Not fixed in any version.

Radical Highway

Container spring glitch

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug RHBoxSpring.png

Act 1 has a stack of wooden containers with a Spring concealed inside the tallest stack past the halfway point. If the player can get past this stack by either climbing the stack without breaking the topmost stack of containters, or by going past this stack via a higher route and then backtracking to it, then walk into the stack from the right, they will get stuck within the stack, constantly bouncing on the Spring.

The player can escape this by pressing Right, but they will not be able to go back inside the stack unless they restart.

Not fixed in any version.

Out of bounds by backtracking up a loop

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug RHOutOfBounds1.png
Boost back up the loop and jump.
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug RHOutOfBounds2.png
One of the effects that can happen.
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug RHOutOfBounds3.png
Into the background, and down Sonic goes.

After going down the loop in Act 2 that leads to the downward spiralling springs, stop, boost back up the loop, then jump off the scaffolding with timing. Depending on the player's timing, the player will see different camera angles, and potentially go behind the foreground and die.

Not fixed in any version.

Water Palace

Clip through the final loop and out of bounds

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug WPLoopClip1.png

At the final loop-de-loop found just before the end of Act 2, if the player immediately jumps and presses Left right as they start running up the loop, they can clip through the loop and go through the walls.

If the player has enough boost energy left, it is possible to boost along the surface of the water and reach the Goal Ring in this state.[2]

Not fixed in any version.

Tropical Resort

Two Sonics on the results screen

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug TRTwoSonics1.png
Do a boost jump here. Don't touch the spring!
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug TRTwoSonics2.png
Use Cyan Laser here.
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug TRTwoSonics3.png
Doing that allows Sonic to jump without switching rails.
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug TRTwoSonics4.png
Hello there.

Just before the parallel rail section at the end of Act 2, get a Cyan Wisp, then do a boost jump towards the rails without touching the Spring. Before landing on the rail, use Cyan Laser and aim at the rail. This allows Sonic to jump on the rail he's grinding on without switching rails and stop his movement so long as the player doesn't press Left or Right (as doing so will take away the ability to jump). Avoid the meteorites by jumping up and down, and at the end of the rail, do another boost jump into the Goal Ring. The results screen will then show another Sonic frozen in the air in front of Sonic.

Not fixed in any version.

Boss-specific glitches

Shadow the Hedgehog

Path swapper trouble

SonicGenerations 3DS Bug ShadowPathSwap1.png
SonicGenerations 3DS Bug ShadowPathSwap2.png

Shortly after beginning the race, the player can jump up to the very underside of a road, and if they boost there, they will end up swapping paths to behind the path they were on and fall to their death.

Not fixed in any version.


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