Sonic the Hedgehog CD (prototype; 1993-08-06)

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Sonic the Hedgehog CD v1.09
Prerelease of: Sonic the Hedgehog CD
System: Sega Mega-CD
Build date: 1993-08-06
Source: CD-R
Found by: Zero-Chan (first copy), drx

Sonic the Hedgehog CD build v1.09 is a near-final prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog CD for the Sega Mega-CD, built on the same day as the final Japanese release on August 6th, 1993.

Two copies of this prototype have been found. The first copy is a Japanese build that, unlike other prototypes, comes complete with cover art and was released in stores as a demo CD in Japan. This prototype only has the entirety of Palmtree Panic available, but this can be circumvented with a level select code. The second copy is a prerelease PAL build that is similar to the final Japanese build and is fully playable beyond Palmtree Panic.


The first copy was discovered and dumped by Zero-Chan, and was released by drx via torrent on August 31st, 2008. Because nobody's seeding the torrent, though, it's considered dead. However, a download link was posted on the forums. Though the forum post has been deleted since, the file was downloaded in time, and now it is provided here.

The second copy was later discovered and acquired by drx in conjunction with The Cutting Room Floor, along with several other prototypes of Sonic CD and other Sonic games, and dumped as part of "Sonic Month 2019" from October to November 2019[1]. This prototype, along with the other Sonic CD prototypes, was released to the public on October 26, 2019.

Physical scans

Mega-CD, second copy

SonicCD109 MCD Disc Back.pngSonicCD109 MCD Disc.png

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