Special Stage (Sonic Advance 2)

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Special Stage
Special level, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 7

The Special Stage in Sonic Advance 2 is a 3D arena filled with rings and a guard robot. The objective is to collect 300 Rings in 2 minutes, while avoiding the guard robot. If rings are collected in a fast succession, you can double, triple, quadruple, and even quintuple the value of each Ring. Press Up to move forward, Left or Right to steer, Down to screech to a halt, and A to jump.

To access it, collect all 7 Special Rings in any Zone act, then reach the end of the level to be run away to jewel land.


  • Rings - You need to collect 300 of these within 2 minutes to clear each stage.
  • Extra Ring - These little pods are worth 5 Rings each.
  • Dash Panel - Step onto the dash panel for a speed boost.
  • Jump stand - Step over the jump stand to be catapulted into the air.
  • Guard Robo - The Guard Robo (actually Zero from Sonic Adventure, though he isn't referred to as such) patrols the arena. If he catches up, he'll smack your character and subtract 10 Rings from your total. He can be momentarily incapacitated with a spin attack.
  • Chaos Emerald - Collect 300 Rings within the time limit to score one Chaos Emerald. Collect them all 7 and clear XX as Sonic to access the hidden final stage, True Area 53.


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