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Black Squirrel is a member who has lurked the SWS2B/Sonic Retro scene since 2003. Although not a huge face in the Sonic scene, he is considered by many to be a respectable and intelligent scener, who adds posts that are frequently insightful and enjoyable to read. He holds expertise on various retro games, including franchises by both Sega and other companies (e.g. the Mario series), and will generally offer very informative posts in topics related to those subjects.

Recently, Black Squirrel has become highly active on Sonic Retro's sister site Sega Retro, putting his broad knowledge of retro gaming to good use by cataloging many games and other products released by Sega through the years. He had already been a Wiki Sysop of Sonic Retro before it was split in two, and this title is more appropriate than ever since the advent of Sega Retro and his activity thereon. He still drops by Sonic Retro's own wiki every now and then to help, and he sometimes post on the forums, especially in the sub-forum for Sega Retro and in other threads about gaming.

Outside of the Sonic scene, Black Squirrel is an administrator of Mario Fan Games Galaxy (MFGG), whose IRC channel was once hosted on Sonic Retro owner Scarred Sun's own community IRC network BadnikNET.


During his first stint in the Sonic scene, Black Squirrel was known to make overenthusiastic, childish posts full of excessive emoticons, bad "theories", and general annoyance. Although nowhere near as bad as members such as Varion Icaria or other Gallery of Dumbasses candidates, he was still an example of the board's severely immature vibe at that time. Despite this, he was a very prominent face on the SWS2B message boards from late 2003 to early 2004.

After Simon Wai wiped the forum userbase in February 2004, Black Squirrel found himself stuck in the Pending Approval group, after having made poor use of his trial posts. He was not seen again in the Sonic scene until a fellow MFGG member joined the Retro forums, noting that Black Squirrel had referred him to the site. Tweaker, at the time an Administrator of Sonic Retro, recognised Black Squirrel's username, promoted him to a full Member, and encouraged him to become active in the scene once again.

Although Black Squirrel did not immediately take up this offer, he returned to the scene about a month after Tweaker's recommendation, and is currently a relatively active member. As noted above, he eventually was promoted to a Wiki Sysop and became highly active on Sega Retro.

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