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Trial Members are newly registered members on the Sonic Retro forum, undergoing the 20-post trial phase. If approved by an Administrator, they'll be promoted to Members. Otherwise, they'll be moved to Pending Approval after 20 posts.

The Trial Period

You're given 20 posts to show that you aren't a turd, a dumbass, or being an assclown for no reason.

Don't break the rules, be cool and smart, and you may even be promoted to full-fledged Member before your posts run out. Also, please display that you at least make an effort to show some respect for the English language.

Should you ever reach the 20th post and still not yet promoted by an admin, you'll be automatically moved to the read-only Pending Approval group. You'll receive further instructions to explicitly request approval. Of course, there's a good chance you're not supposed to be approved at all (in which case your account will stay in PA indefinitely), so brace for this possibility as well.

Simon Wai

Wiki Permissions

Read: Yes

Edit: Yes

Create Page: Yes

Upload: Yes

Reupload: No

Move: No

Rollback: No

Sysop Block (Block, Protect, Delete, LocalUpload): No

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