Varion Icaria

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<forumuser name="Varion Icaria" /> Varion Icaria (formerly known as Perfect Chaos, Exor Chaon, and R. Solaris) is a scener who has been around for quite sometime. During his earlier career, he was said to have stolen and or took advantage of a number of users, but as all things go, it has been proven to be all false and has since been shown to be one of the most trustworthy and forward thinking members of the Hacking Community.

Known as the "Master of Porting Levels," Varion started off his existence doing just that, porting levels. During his early days, he did most of his level porting and hacking via hex. Sometime around 2005, he moved onto using straight disassemblies, as these proved to be much more flexible for his line of work.

However, in recent times, Varion has become a hermit, working on various projects in his own time. He is said to be working on a Sonic 2 disassembly, as well as his personal project, Sonic: The Cybernetic Outbreak. These of course are just the tip of the iceburg with his projects, as he has recently become much more active during the recent decade. These activities range from Sega CD documentation, to custom disassemblies of already documented games, but with systems implemented for the everyday beginner.

In present day, he exists on the Sonic Retro forums primarily as a lurker, posting very rarely despite his high post count.