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The Pending Approval system at Sonic Retro (formerly Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta and The Sonic 2 Beta Page) is used to filter out people unwilling to "play nice" on the Retro message boards.

The system works by setting new registered users a post limit of 20 posts, allowing them to try out the forum. This stage is known as "Trial Membership". When this post limit is reached, the user's account is locked to prevent further posting, and the account is put into the "Pending Approval" usergroup. The administrators and moderators can then judge whether or not to bestow full membership on the user. If for whatever reason the user is "rejected", then that account stays in "Pending Approval" indefinitely.

Those in the "Trial Membership" usergroup have nearly the same rights as full members; they can read, post replies and make new threads in all subforums, and can create and edit pages on the wiki. Pending Approval members only have read-access to the 'bare bones' of Retro - the "Administration" subforum, as well as the "General Sonic Games", "Engineering & Reverse Engineering" and "Archives" subforums - basically the same as a guest. They are also incapable of editing the wiki.

Wiki Permissions

Read: Yes

Edit: No

Create Page: No

Upload: No

Reupload: No

Move: No

Rollback: No

Sysop Block (Block, Protect, Delete, LocalUpload): No

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