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Sonic Retro emblem.svg Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Thirteenth area, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Number of Acts: 2 (party split-up)
Location: Twilight Cage
Sub-boss: Prefect Scylla
Sub-boss for Act 2: Prefect Charyb
Boss: Imperator Ix
Maximum rings, Act 1: 124
Voxai Colony Alpha

The Nocturne is the central stronghold of Imperator Ix and the Nocturnus Clan echidnas. It appears as the final area in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


During the Nocturnus / Knuckles Clan war on Sonic's world 4000 years ago, Nocturne apparently functioned as the capital of the Nocturnus Tribe. The Nocturne in its original form is shown briefly during a movie sequence in Sonic Chronicles, and appears somewhat similar to the echidna pyramid-cities ruled by Pachacamac in Sonic Adventure; ableit more advanced, with glass windows and waterwheels. This picture matches with Ix's comment that the Nocturnus "believed in science and industry, and we flourished" (Quote from Imperator Ix, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Chapter 10). It is stated by Nestor the Wise that the Nocturne housed (and still does) the Nocturnus Tribe's Gizoid-production labs; as such, Emerl must have been created there.


Nocturne fortress in the Twilight Cage
The Nocturne in antiquity

After the near-total destruction of the Knuckles Clan at the hands (tentacles) of Perfect Chaos, the Nocturnus echidnas "nearly colonized the whole world" (Quote from Shade the Echidna, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Chapter 6). However, just as complete global conquest was within their grasp, the Argus Event occurred. Sonic Chronicles shows the Nocturne being torn out of the earth into a portal to the Twilight Cage.

This was a violent event, scattering wreckage from the echidnas' fortress all across the pocket dimension - as attested by Nestor the Wise, who sends Sonic and co. on a quest to collect pieces of said wreckage to decorate his Kron Colony home. Nonetheless, under Ix's leadership, the Nocturnus were quick to recover and adapt. Trading and fighting with the other races of the Cage, the echidnas acquired fantastic new technologies and tactics. The Imperator states "We had to change and adapt and become who we are today. We had to become perfect!" (Quote from Imperator Ix, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Chapter 10). The Nocturne's appearance changed drasticly, from an idyllic fusion of nature and clockwork, to a brooding techno-fortress, replete with laser turrets and shield generators. It is in this form that Sonic and friends find the stronghold during Sonic Chronicles.


Nocturnus troops on the Nocturne

Aided by the combined firepower of the other races of the cage, Tails manages to breach the Nocturne's forcefield and land the Cyclone amidst the fortress' lower levels. On emerging from the spaceship, the party is confronted by Prefects Scylla and Charyb, the Gizoid commanders of the Nocturnus army. Rather than stay and fight, the robots just mock Shade for a while, and then tear off with the final two Chaos Emeralds. At Knuckles's insistence, the team splits up, with Sonic and Tails following Charyb to the west as Knuckles and Shade follow Scylla to the east.

The Nocturne hosts the toughest enemies in the game, with Mark II Gizoids and Nocturne High Praetorians patrolling the walkways. Gizoid Centurions, encountered by Knuckles' group, possess sonic shields which make them almost completly invulnerable. They are fought in a custom battle scenario which is broken up by platforming sections as Sonic's party, while Tails searches the Gizoid production labs for a way to counteract the defenses.

Chasing down Charyb involves an underwater section not seen elsewhere in The Dark Brotherhood. Charyb's submarine layer sees the character's POW meter function as an air gague. As with the Gizoid Centurions, the fight against Prefect Charyb features an intermission where control switches back to Knuckles' party, searching for the switch to drain the water.

Knuckles' team is the first to finally reach Ix's central sanctum. The Imperator attempts to sway Knuckles' loyalty by stressing that a Nocturnus victory will see echidnas return to Sonic's world; however, Knuckles says his duty as Master Emerald Guardian comes first, and the final boss fight begins.



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