Kron Colony

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Kron Colony
Kron Colony
Eighth area, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Number of Acts: 1
Location: Twilight Cage
Level theme: mountain/canyon
Maximum rings: 80
Metropolis Ground Zero | N'rrgal Colony

The Kron Colony is the first area in the second act of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Leaving Eggman behind in the ruined Metropolis, Sonic and team pursue Imperator Ix into the Twilight Cage, to get back the Master Emerald. But their vehicle, the Cyclone, is damaged during the interdimensional transit and crash-lands on a rocky planetoid inhabited by the Kron.


A rust-coloured worldlet festooned with alien forge-industries and underground caves, the Kron Colony plays host to eponymous Yoda-speaking rock-people. Sonic is eventually tasked by their leader, Foreman Krag, to gain access to the main factory (which has been captured by the Nocturnus Clan) and deactivate the forcefield, so the Kron troops can recapture their facility. On completing the task, the heroes discover that the echidnas were using a Chaos Emerald to power the forcefield - just the thing Tails needs to repair the Cyclone's engines.

In addition to the Kron themselves, the colony also plays host to Nestor the Wise, Nocturnus exile and famous (at least to Knuckles) echidna historian. The party can return to the Colony during Chapters 7 through 9 to solicit Nestor's aid in deciphering Precursor tablets.

At the end of Chapter 9, the Kron Colony is the site of the Twilight Conference, where the Voxai, Zoah, Kron, and N'rrgal agree to combine forces for the attack on the Nocturne.

The music is a remix of Volcano Valley Zone from the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast.



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