Zoah Colony

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Zoah Colony
Zoah Colony
Tenth area, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Number of Acts: 1
Location: Sector Scylla of the Twilight Cage
Level theme: urban
Sub-boss: Commander Syrax
Boss: General Raxos
Maximum rings: 55
N'rrgal Colony | Voxai Colony Beta

The Zoah Colony is the third planetoid of the Twilight Cage visited in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. With the controls of the Cyclone locked by the N'rrgal, Sonic and friends are not given any choice in the matter of their destination after leaving the N'rrgal Colony - it's Zoah or nowhere.


An entirely urbanized worldlet located within Sector Scylla, the Zoah Colony is a harsh technological cityscape of electric-blue metal and dingy concrete. The militaristic Zoah patrol their streets thoroughly, with marching military police and point-defense laser turrets which open fire when they spot you - Shade or Rouge can be useful in the party here, using stealth to bypass the cannons. There are grim whispers amongst the Zoah population of a terrible monster that stalks the darker alleys at night, and the merchant Haniman is enjoying a brisk trade in talismans to ward it off.

Following orders from the N'rrgal Queen to sabotage the rumored Zoah superweapon, the team eventually make their way inside the southwestern citadel - only to find that the "superweapon" is really a Chaos Emerald! Before Sonic can grab the gem and escape, he is ambushed by Commander Syrax, and teleported to face General Raxos, the Zoah leader. Sonic has to fight Raxos in single combat - and the warlord has only lost once before, to Imperator Ix himself. Nonetheless, when Sonic emerges victorious, the General hands over the Chaos Emerald, and agrees to aid the heroes in their quest to defeat the Nocturnus.



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