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Gun Pawn pictured on Chronicles wallpaper.

Gun Pawns are enemies faced by Sonic and team in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Found within the ruins of Dr. Eggman's Metropolis fortress (and the yet further ruined ruins of Metropolis Ground Zero), these Eggman robots are hulking, fire-red killing machines, outfitted with high-tech targeting scanners, rocket batteries, and chest-mounted mega cannons. During the game, these robots are never actually under Eggman's control, having been co-opted by Procurator Shade and the Nocturnus echidnas.

The robots have Robots (ground) elemental susceptibilities, rendering them weak against water and earth, while resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and wind. Gun Pawns frequently attack accompanied by Seeker Drones; they have 150 HP and their POW moves are Lock On, Rocket Volley, Blast, and Mega Blaster.

Standard Gun Pawns appear only in Metropolis; it is the upgraded version, the 275HP (but otherwise identical) Gun Pawn MK. II, which wanders around Ground Zero.

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