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Voxai Colony Beta
Voxai Colony Beta
Eleventh area, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Number of Acts: 1
Location: Sector Charybdis of the Twilight Cage
Maximum rings: 45
Zoah Colony | Voxai Colony Alpha

Voxai Colony Beta is one of two Voxai-occupied planetoids in the Twilight Cage's Sector Charybdis, and the first to be visited by Sonic in Chapter 9 of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


A rocky worldlet of gray stone and glowing pink/blue scenery, filled with flask-shaped Voxai homes, the Beta Colony provides Sonic and friends with a rare example of not being attacked the moment they land the Cyclone. While exploring the teleport-pad network which links the area's regions together, it becomes apparent that Beta's manta-jellyfish inhabitants are resolutely untalkative - until the group encounters Thebes, a Voxai who provides a chilling explanation of why the inhabitants are as they are.

Shortly after Imperator Ix of the Nocturnus stole the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic's world, he gifted two of the gems to the Overmind, a psychic triumvirate who function as the rulers of the Voxai. Despite the fact that the Overmind already exerted at least passive psychic control over Voxai society, it seems the chance for ultimate power was too tempting for the cabal to resist. The Overmind "psychically treated" the two Chaos Emeralds. Whatever this strange process involved, it turns the Emeralds pink; in this state, the Voxai refer to the jewels instead as "Great Emeralds".

Thus modified, the Emeralds served to massively boost the force of the Overmind's signal, enabling direct and continuous psychic domination of every "innermind" in Sector Charybdis. Dominated Voxai citizens changed colour to a deeper red, and would attack Sonic and team on sight. Voxai society was changed overnight, a vaguely utopian psychic collective becoming a thought-patrolled police state.

Some Voxai, however, were able to resist (or at least, fly under the radar). By becoming "outerminds", these Voxai (like Thebes and Croesus) retained their individuality. Thebes pleads for Sonic's help in overthrowing the despotic Overmind on Voxai Colony Alpha, and after defeating the Overmind's protector Thelxe outside the teleport gate, that is precisely where Sonic goes.



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