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The following are instruction manuals for the Nintendo DS game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


English story from US manual

File:SonicChronicles DS US manual.pdf Over 4,000 years ago, two rival Echidna clans co-existed peacefully, but such days were soon to end. The Knuckles Clan, keepers of the precious Master Emerald, sought to expand their borders, but the Nocturnus Clan wasn't willing to yield. In the ensuing war of expansion, an unanticipated cataclysm destroyed the Knuckles Clan and ripped Angel Island from the surface of the planet. The Nocturnus Clan fared no better; the entire clan and everything associated with it simply disappeared, never to be seen again. With every record of the Nocturnus Clan wiped out, save a single robotic survivor, their very existence was lost to history.

As we fast forward to the present, Sonic and friends are thoroughly enjoying the peace brought about by Eggman's final defeat. Without the chaos and terror he wrought, the world is a beautiful, prosperous place and they can all enjoy a well-deserved vacation! They are about to discover, however, how the events of the far distant past can impact the future.

As Sonic roams the peaceful planet exploring, eh receives a call from Tails on the emergency band. Trouble has broken out in Central City, and Knuckles has been abducted! Could there be a connection between the troubled history of the two Echidna clans and Knuckles' present predicament? Sonic and friends are eager to find out...


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