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Fifth area, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Number of Acts: 1
Level theme: industrial
Maximum rings: 85
Blue Ridge Zone | Angel Island

As the central stronghold of Doctor Eggman, the gargantuan machine-city of Metropolis is a polluted nightmare of steel and concrete, replete with robot sentries, Orwellian tele-screens, and free-flowing rivers of radioactive slurry. Despite being a critical, plot-heavy location in almost all ancillary continuities, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is only Metropolis' second appearance in the Sonic games (the first being Metropolis Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit), fifteen years previously).

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood actually starts with the destruction of Eggman's Metropolis. GUN attacks the city in full military force, while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy battle the Doctor on board his latest Egg Carrier (which bears closest resemblance to the Final Fortress whale-shark airship from the end of Sonic Heroes). Tails succeeds in sabotaging the Carrier, such that the airship disintegrates and crashes into Metropolis, devastating the city in a massive explosion as the GUN forces and the heroes retreat.

Following this defeat, and with Eggman missing and presumed dead, the ruins of Metropolis were left to rust. The only visitors were those human scavengers brave or foolhardy enough to raid the ghost city for saleable metals and technology, until more... exotic guests began to arrive.

Under Marauder Control

The black-clad Marauders secretively moved into the ruins of Metropolis, using the devastated city as their main base of operations on Sonic's world. The Marauders hacked into obsolete Eggman robots, deploying them to guard their operations while Procurator Shade moved forwards with the plan to capture the Chaos Emeralds. Using the Emeralds, the Marauders were able to move Angel Island from above the Mystic Ruins to Metropolis.

In Chapter 5, Eggman provisioned Sonic with the necessary information to infiltrate the Metropolis Underground tunnel network and stop the Marauders. Fighting through the city and stowing away on an antigravity lifter, Sonic and Knuckles made it to Angel Island... but seconds too late. After expropriating the Master Emerald from its plinth, the Marauders abandoned the stronghold and returned to the Twilight Cage - leaving Knuckles' floating continent to crash square into the city.


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