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First seen: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)

The Kron are a race of rock-like aliens first encountered by Sonic and friends during Chapter 7 of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, when the Cyclone crash-lands on the Kron Colony.

The eldest of the extant species imprisoned by Argus within the Twilight Cage, the Kron are a powerful and stubborn people, known mostly for their mining and metallurgical talents. They require little sustenance or luxury to survive, and are extremely long-lived; their leader, Foreman Krag, remembers being torn from their homeworld by Argus thousands of years ago. The Kron talk in an odd, Yoda-esque dialect, although they maintain that the grammar malfunction is an error on the part of the listener rather than the speaker.

Subdued long ago by Imperator Ix, the Kron were induced to build weapons and ships for the Nocturnus Clan, although when the player arrives they are in the midst of a rebellion. Initially mistaking Sonic and his companions for Nocturnus agents, the rock-people attack, and prove highly resistant to conventional damage. The heroes eventually agree to aid the Kron in their uprising, and liberate the main Kron factory from Nocturnus occupation.

In Chapter 10, the Kron outfit the Cyclone with energy-deflecting alloys that enable the heroes to break through the Nocturne's forcefield defenses.


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