Knuckles (Tidal Plant Zone boss)

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Knuckles (Tidal Plant Zone boss)
Game: Sonic Triple Trouble
Level: Tidal Plant Zone
Hits to defeat: 16
Fought by: Sonic or Tails

Although their battle in Hidden Palace Zone during Sonic 3 & Knuckles is much more well known, the hedgehog and the echidna clash once again beneath the waves in Sonic Triple Trouble's Tidal Plant Zone. Eggman is presumably responsible for providing Knuckles with this bomb-throwing, torpedo-launching contraption. Sonic has to grab air bubbles during the brief interludes in combat, as his lungs won't hold out for the 16 hits Knuckles' machine can take. Tails has it much easier, as he pilots his Sea Fox to battle Knuckles, which not only gives him an indefinite supply of oxygen, but also long-ranged torpedoes. However, the Sea Fox can still be hit by Knuckles' attacks, and taking too many hits will result in Tails having to finish the fight by himself like Sonic has to.

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