Wood Buttarundorf

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Wood Buttarundorf
Game: Sonic Triple Trouble
Level: Meta Junglira Zone
Fought by: Sonic / Tails

As in Triple Trouble's predecessor, Sonic Chaos, our old friend Doctor Robotnik apparently thinks he's too important to face Sonic or Tails personally this game. Instead the Doctor deploys larger, tougher, nastier badniks as boss robots.

Whatever strange Japanese concept Meta Junglira's boss name Wood Butarundoff references, it is in practice some sort of jauntily-coloured robotic tree snake, with a segmented spherical body reminiscant of Gigalopolis's final mecha in Sonic Chaos. The automaton swings back and forth from the canopy, putting up very little resistance to spin attacks. In fact, you're quite a lot more likely to die in the aftermath of the fight; once destroyed, burning pieces of the snake's body rain down from the trees, requiring quite nimble dodging.

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