Giga Thomas "Pen"

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Giga Thomas "Pen"
Giga Thomas "Pen"
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble
Level: Robotnik Winter Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Giga Thomas "Pen" (ギガトーマス “ペン”)Media:SonicTripleTrouble GG JP manual.pdf[1] is the boss of Robotnik Winter Zone, and the fourth in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. As in Triple Trouble's predecessor, Sonic Chaos, Dr. Eggman has dispatched this larger Badnik to attack Sonic and Tails.


The early part of Robotnik Winter Zone Act 3 requires the player to climb up the slopes of an icy hill, all the while being forced to dodge skating Penguin Bomber Badniks descending from the summit. At the top, the player finally finds the source of this stream of robots: the oddly-named Giga Thomas "Pen", a giant, flying penguin head that spits the smaller Badniks at the player from the depths of its cavernous maw.

At first, the Giga Thomas will float there and continue to dispense Penguin Bombers, and the player must jump up and land a Spin Attack on the boss inbetween each Penguin Bomber to score a hit while taking care not to touch the harmful exhaust from its jet engines. After landing the first hit, the boss will begin to move backwards, and for every two hits after it begins moving, one of its jet engines will shut down, starting with the left engine and then the right, making the boss easier to hit. After seven hits, the Giga Thomas will stop spitting out Penguin Bombers and attempt to survive by hovering over a cliff with only one jet engine barely being active. At this point, the player simply needs to land one more hit to destroy it completely.

After the boss, Sonic/Tails will drop down to where the Giga Thomas fell and encounter Knuckles once again, who will spring a similar trap as in Great Turquoise Zone and Meta Junglira Zone. However, this time the trap will activate an avalanche that washes the heroes away to Tidal Plant Zone.


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