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Fast Facts on Marve Shupopolus-Gou

Game: Sonic Triple Trouble
Stage: Sunset Park Zone
Fought by: Sonic / Tails

Marve Shupopolus-Gou (マーベ シュポポラス号) is the boss of Sunset Park Zone, the second level in Sonic Triple Trouble. As in Triple Trouble's predecessor, Sonic Chaos, our old friend Doctor Robotnik apparently thinks he's too important to face Sonic or Tails personally this game. Instead the Doctor deploys larger, tougher, nastier badniks as boss robots.

Sunset Park Zone's boss is one of the most popular from any 8-bit Sonic game; largely because of the background music. Passing Goal Sign of Act 2, Sonic ends up standing on top of the cargo containers of an immense robotic train. Instead of showing a score tally screen, the train departs and the player is seamlessly transitioned into Act 3. Automatic scroll kicks in, and you have to race along the back of the moving locomotive, leaping between cargo cars and dodging waves of flying Bombaberry badniks. Eventually, you reach the front car, and have to smash the train-bot's engine while dodging shots from the rear-facing cannon.


  • The boss' name comes from the Japanese "shupo-shupo", for the sound a steam train makes.
  • The very popular music for Sunset Hill Act 3 was in fact an unused track from Sonic Chaos, and is accessible in that game's Sound Test.

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