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Zone select

SonicTripleTrouble GG ZoneSelect.png

When turning on the Game Gear, hold Up, and then press Start the instant Knuckles picks up the third Chaos Emerald in the title sequence. If performed correctly, a ring sound will play. Select your character, and then the level select will appear.

Unused content


Art Description
Unused hurt or tiring animations used for Knuckles while he was gliding.
Some sprites of Nack blinking. These are never shown in normal gameplay.
Nack holding a Chaos Emerald.
SonicTripleTrouble GG Sprite BonusPanel.png
Unused Nack Bonus Panel. It could mean Nack was going to be a playable character, or it could have given the player a bonus if they get it.
A spike in Great Turquoise Zone. There are spikes used inside, but this outside spike isn't.
Another unused spike and a 30-degree slope from Meta Junglira Zone.
A 45-degree slope in front of the stage background and an outside spring from Robotnik Winter Zone.
Many, many unused springs in Tidal Plant Zone. The giant bubbles in this stage make most of these springs useless.
Stt unusedbadnik correct.png
Enemy found through the tile viewer in Atomic Destroyer Zone.
Several unused slope types, spikes, and unused border tiles for use in Special Stages.

Build date

Similar to other games developed by Aspect, the game's build date can be located at ROM address $C0:

Japanese version
GG SONIC & TAILS        Ver 1.00 1994/07/30 @SEGA/Aspect Co.,Ltd
Western versions
GG SONIC THE HEDGEHOG   Ver 1.00 1994/08/02 @SEGA/Aspect Co.,Ltd

Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.

Game Genie

Official codes

Code Effect Reference
053-AFC-E6E Each Ring Worth 5.
0A3-AFC-E6E Each Ring Worth 10.
3A8-E4C-2A2 + 3A8-E7C-2A2 Infinite Rings.
008-FFC-08B Flash Less Time After Getting Hit.
998-FFC-08B Flash Longer After Getting Hit.
3A9-D5C-2A2 Get Hit And Stay Invincible.
00A-E6E-E66 Start With 1 Lives.
04A-E6E-E66 Start With 5 Lives.
14A-E6E-E66 Start With 15 Lives.
99A-E6E-E66 Start With 100 Lives.
003-E0E-E6E Infinite Lives.
00F-88D-3B7 Infinite Time.
00A-EBE-E6E Start With No Continues.
05A-EBE-E6E Start With 5 Continues.
0AA-EBE-E6E Start With 10 Continues.
3A5-60E-2A2 Infinite Continues.
C37-F2C-E61 Invincible (Spikes Still Kill You).
00A-EFE-5D4 Start High In The Air On Act 1.
3E3-A4E-082 + 023-A5E-F77 + 003-A6E-A2D Finish The First Part Of An Act And Warp To The Next Act.

Pro Action Replay

Unofficial codes

Code Effect
00D140:09 Infinite Lives.
00D159:98 Infinite Rings.
00D15D:00 Infinite Time.
00D13F:0? Character Modifier (1: Sonic, 2: Tails).


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