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The flowers of Little Planet are what Dr. Eggman uses to power his Badniks in Sonic CD. The "organic batteries" used for badniks are in all other cases Sonic's small animal friends, but for whatever reason in CD, Eggman instead fit glittering plant seeds inside his robots, as well as maintaining a centralised robotizer in the Past versions of zones.

Occasionally in the Present and throughout the Bad Future zones, badniks powered by Little Planet seeds seem to degrade in a fashion not observed in other games, which might suggest that flora are not quite as good energy sources as fauna.

Unlike animal captives, of which typically several varieties would be found in each zone, Little Planet flowers are found inside badniks exclusively in their 'home' zone. For example, in Collision Chaos they all have yellow petals and black buds, as pictured, whereas in Metallic Madness they have beige petals and orange buds.

Eggman does in fact use plants in his machines during later games on occasion; the Bonus Stage badniks of Sonic Advance 3 drop sprouting seeds when destroyed.

In Sonic Mania, Little Planet seeds are dropped when the seed capsules found throughout Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1 are destroyed. Among the seeds are Beanstalk seeds that rapidly grow and spawn leaf platforms (and the occasional head).

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