The Cosmo Conspiracy

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Sonic X episode #73
"The Cosmo Conspiracy"
Production no.: 073
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Assassin, Shadow is the 21st episode in the second season, and the 73rd overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as The Cosmo Conspiracy.


The episode begins with Sonic and his friends all getting ready for a rest. Tails tells Chris to go to bed whilst he tries to fix the security mainframe. The outline of Shadow is seen running down a corridor towards Cosmo's room. The security system comes on just in time to reveal Shadow's presence. Chris arrives on the scene to have Shadow fire a Chaos Spear at him. At the last moment, Sonic rescues Chris and takes the blow. Before Shadow gets a chance to attack Cosmo, Sonic gets back up and gets into a scuffle with him. Sonic gets Tails to run away with Cosmo. As they get outta there, Sonic gets knocked to the ground by Shadow and passes out.

Amy and Cream take the injured Sonic and Chris to the hospital room, so they could be recovered faster. Tails realizes that Shadow has the technology to hack the security camera system, so he tries to shut it down. Shadow still hacks into it, but by the time he sets off, Tails is hidden with Cosmo inside the engine room. Just then, Knuckles breaks through everything he can find and confronts Shadow. Knuckles manages to knock Shadow into the wall, but gets distracted by a Chaos Spear and the appearance of Rouge. She tells Knuckles that Cosmo has sensors planted in her by the Metarex.

Meanwhile, Shadow locates Tails and Cosmo inside the X-Tornado and a battle ensues. The X-Tornado is badly damaged, but Tails and Cosmo escape again into the air duct. Shadow follows them, but Tails reaches the top first and hits the shut down button, temporarily trapping Shadow in there with the lasers. Before Tails can move a couple of feet, Shadow spin dashes through the ceiling and prepares for an attack. Knuckles arrives and tries to stop Shadow, claiming he always wanted to shadow box. Knuckles gets beaten down by Shadow and left with Rouge.

Tails manages to set up the Sonic Cannon, and traps Shadow inside it. The hedgehog shoots off into space, but reappears via Chaos Control of which the emerald disintegrates, revealing it to be a fake. Shadow claims he doesn't want to hurt Tails, but smacks him twice, then walks toward a terrified Cosmo, saying "All right, let's get this over with." As he is about to kill Cosmo, The Metarex appears and reveals to everyone that Cosmo is a spy, she has a codename White Seed and they monitor what she hears and sees. Shadow is banished and the episode ends on a cliff hanger.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese A Conspiração Cósmica The Cosmic Conspiracy

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