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Sonic X episode #7
"Party Hardly"
Written by:
Directed by: Keiko Oyamada
Production no.: 007
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
Techno Teacher | Satellite Swindle

"Party Hardly", known as "Daikonsen! Chris no Home Party" (大混戦だいこんせん! クリスのホームパーティ) in Japan, is the seventh episode in the first season of Sonic X.

Episode summary

Tails and Amy notice Cream picking flowers in the garden of the mansion, despite her being told to stay out of sight. Tails remembers that in their own world, she used to make bouquets of flowers for her mother. Sonic leaves abruptly, taking a picture of a mountain lake with him.

Elsewhere, Lindsey gives Chris some charred pancakes, and tells him they're having a party tonight, and she's invited Chris' favourite uncle. Later, Chris is at school telling his friends Danny and Frances about the party. Mr. Stewart, the undercover government spy, overhears. After class, he approaches Chris and invites himself to the party under the pretext of doing "home visits".

When Chris gets back to the mansion, he and Chuck start discussing what to do about Sonic & co. during the party. Then they notice Cream and Cheese in the next room, putting up party decorations. Chris narrowly manages to hide them from his mother and Ella. Cream explains that she wanted to help out, and Mr. Tanaka notes that it was kind of her. He tells Chris that he already knew about Cream and the others.

Meanwhile, Sonic finds the lake in the mountains from the picture, surrounded by white flowers.

Lindsay receives a call from her agent about an important role in a movie. She reluctantly agrees to miss the party to get the part. She leaves and Mr. Stewart arrives a short time later.

When Mr. Stewart is left alone for a minute, he starts looking for a place to put a hidden camera. Cream is hiding behind a curtain when she sees Sonic is back with a bunch of flowers for her. She casually walks out in front of a shocked Ella. Tanaka and Chris attempt to cover by pretending Cream is a toy. Chris' uncle arrives, who it turns out is Sam Speed from the first episode. He introduces himself as "Sonic Boom" (apparently he changes his nickname regularly). Sam tells them there is one person who's faster than him - a giant blue hedgehog. Chris tries to change the subject by criticising his mother, but Cream becomes upset and shouts at him, then storms out of the room.

After Mr. Stewart (who decided not to plant a hidden camera) and Sam leave, Chris tells Ella the truth about Cream and the others.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Meia Festa Half Party

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