Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero

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SonicX GBA title.png
Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero
Publisher: Majesco
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Genre: Video
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
2004-05-14 AGB-P-MSHE ?

Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero (or Sonic X : Game Boy Advance Video Volume 1) is a GBA Video Game Pak for Game Boy Advance which contains two episodes of the animated TV series Sonic X. This volume contains episodes 1 and 2 from Season one, Enter the Supersonic Hero!, and Infiltrate! Area 99.


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Cheat Codes

Action Replay (Version 3)

Normally you cannot watch Game Boy Advance Video Game Paks on the Game Boy Player. However, with these Game Enhancer cheat codes this Game Pak can be run:

Code Description
8179DB48 C1342378 + BA5AFF9C 3BCDEB74 Enable Code (Must Be On).
F7E66278 D85F65EC Run On Game Boy Player.

GBA Video Pak Production Credits


Chief Technology Officer: Kevin B. Ray
Executive VP: Joseph Sutton
VP of Development: Dan Kitchen
VP of Marketing: Ken Gold
Director of Creative Services: Leslie Mills
Product Manager: Liz Buckley
IT Manager: Paul Campagna
Network Administration: Dax Jacobson
Marketing Assistant: Matthew Ciccone
Art & Packaging: Tavio Castrillo, Keith Patrick

Quality Assurance Team

QA Manager: Joe McHale
Lead Testers: Eric Jezercak, Rob Cooper, Russ Mock, Kevin Kurdes
Testers: Tony Mariquit, Andrew Bado, Steve Macko, Scott Trager
Special Thanks: Morris Sutton, Jesse Sutton, Joseph Sutton, Adam Sutton

DC Studios

Executive Producer: Mark Greenshields
Producers: Stephane Roy, Paul Middleton
R & D Engineer, Technology Programmer: Alexandre Ganea
Art: Bobbi Burquel
Testing: Lon Benattar, Simon Graveline
Support Programming: Brian Faber
Additional Sound Programming: Marc Reynolds


Game Boy Advance, US
Sonic X GBA Title1.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
CRC32 363C3EB8
32MB 2004-05-30 Card (JP) No save
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