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Sonic X episode #55
"H2 Whoa"
Production no.: 055
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Water Planet, Hydoo is the 3rd episode in the second season, and the 55th overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as H2Whoa.


When the Master Emerald begins resonating with a nearby Chaos Emerald, the Blue Typhoon lands on Hydoo, a planet whose surface is mostly covered with water. Everyone boards submarines to search for the Emerald. Knuckles locates an island and begins digging away furiously. Chris and Sonic find another island with a tower on it, but it is also covered with fish-like Metarex.

Chris has been practicing karate in his own world, so he makes a serious attempt to help fight off the Metarex. Unfortunately, being back in a child's body throws him off, and his attacks only hurt his own hands. Though he protests repeatedly, Sonic sends him away, and when Sonic is captured in a net, Chris leaves to bring back help. Amy has made contact with the planet's inhabitants, and they have told her Sonic's location, so she heads off to rescue him herself.

Chris' sense of self-worth has taken a hard blow. Despite the many things he has experienced since Sonic left his world, it seems that Sonic and the others still see him as the child he was before. However, he comes to realize that brooding won't solve the problem, and begins work on a design he had drafted back at home.

Amy fights her way into the fortress, where the Metarex are suspending Sonic over a tank with a shark in it. Amy grabs the fishing pole and runs out with it, and gets picked up by Tails on the X-Tornado, all while dragging Sonic behind her on the pole. When a Metarex missile cuts the line, sending Sonic plummeting towards the water, Chris arrives in another small craft with his finished project: a pair of Hovercraft Shoes, greatly resembling Shadow's shoes, that allow Sonic to hover on top of the water's surface.

When Sonic defeats the Metarex, Hydoo's Planet Egg is released, and the planet's usual ecosystem is restored. The water level drops dramatically, revealing cities...and the Chaos Emerald.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Água a Mais Too Much Water

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