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Sonic X episode #29
"A Robot Rebels"
Written by:
Directed by: Keiko Oyamada, Sim Sang-il
Production no.: 029
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
A Chaotic Day | Head's Up, Tails!

"A Robot Rebels", known as "Toraware no Amy" (囚われのエミー) in Japan, is the twenty-ninth episode in the first season of Sonic X. This episode is the third part of the series' adaptation of Sonic Adventure.


Knuckles stands by a waterfall lamenting on how he has only found one more shard of the Master Emerald. He experiences another vision in which he sees Tikal watching the Master Emerald's original shrine burning. He decides to continue gathering the remaining Master Emerald shards. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails set out in the repaired X-Tornado to find Dr. Eggman and Amy, while Chris and Big search for Froggy.

Amy has been imprisoned by Eggman aboard the Egg Carrier. She tells Lily how Sonic will come and save them. Meanwhile, Eggman orders his new E-100 series robots to find Froggy and bring him back to the Egg Carrier. Knuckles discovers more shards of the Master Emerald, and has another vision- Tikal and a group of Chao warn Chaos about an impending invasion, but are 'told' by Chaos that it must stay. She then approaches the Master Emerald (with the 7 Chaos Emeralds surrounding it on shrines) and talks to it. She then realises the Master Emerald controls the 7 Chaos Emeralds before the vision ends. Knuckles contemplates these visions before uniting the shards of the Master Emerald he has gathered. The Master Emerald is now almost fully restored, with only one piece left to find. The Master Emerald then shows Knuckles an image of the Egg Carrier, and Knuckles interprets it as a warning that Eggman is up to something dangerous.

Big and Chris continue to fish for Froggy, while the E-100 robots search a field nearby, with all except E-102 Gamma finding frogs. Then, Big fishes Froggy out of the sea, but Froggy is quickly stolen by Gamma. The Egg Carrier surfaces from the sea to pick up the E-100 robots, but Big and Chris board the ship before it flies off.

The E-100 robots are discussing the frogs they have found when Eggman arrives to examine them. He discovers that E-101, E-103 and E-104 have not found the frog he was looking for. Eggman erupts into a fit of rage before spotting Froggy in the hands of E-102 Gamma. Eggman praises Gamma before ordering the other E-100 robots to be destroyed. They are then teleported away. Eggman orders Gamma to fetch Lily from the prison cell. Whilst Gamma is walking down a corridor, he walks right past Big and Chris, but does not attack them, which puzzles them. He walks into a room and sees E-101 Beta being disassembled. Clearly troubled by this, he walks on. Arriving at the cell, he orders Amy to give him Lily. Amy refuses, and tries to persuade Gamma to let them go. Refusing, Gamma is then approached by Lily. Looking at Lily, Gamma experiences an overload, and then shoots the cell bars, telling Amy and Lily to flee quickly. Amy thanks Gamma for helping them, and tells him he isn't like Eggman's other robots. Gamma simply responds with "Bye".

Knuckles watches the Egg Carrier pass overhead, and is then picked up by Tails in the X-Tornado. With Sonic and Knuckles on the wings, the X-Tornado attacks the Egg Carrier. This time however, Tails transforms the X-Tornado into a heavily armored variant and easily blocks and slices Eggman's missiles and lasers. Tails then approaches the runway on the top of the Egg Carrier to land. However, he then realises the X-Tornado has no landing gear in this form, and the X-Tornado crashes on the Egg Carrier's surface.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English A Robot Rebels A Robot Rebels
Japanese 囚われのエミー Toraware no Amy
Portuguese Um Robô Revolta-se A Robot Rebels

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  • This episode was the first proper speaking appearance of E-102 Gamma.

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