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Sonic X episode #71
"Hedgehog Hunt"
Production no.: 071
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Cafe Chaotix is the 19th episode in the second season, and the 71st overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Hedgehog Hunt.


Dr. Eggman has taken the late Red Pine's place as the fourth Metarex boss, but his new position carries its own perils. Decoe and Bocoe warn their master that if he acts arrogantly, the other three bosses will turn on him, and advise him to get on their good side by kissing up to them. Eggman isn't used to this, and is unsettled by the idea. Dark Oak announces that Sonic is hiding in an area of space where distortions make communication impossible: a good hiding place for the Blue Typhoon to repair. He dispatches the four bosses to find Sonic. As Eggman and Black Narcissus make preparations to leave, Eggman asks what Black Narcissus' idea of an ideal universe is. Black Narcissus does not tell him; he only hints that Eggman would be hard-pressed to defeat the Metarex if their ideals turned out to be different.

Meanwhile, the Chaotix have turned their detective office into a bar after traveling through the Galaxy Corridor and crash-landing on a distant planet. Dr. Eggman arrives with a "Wanted" poster for the crew of the Blue Typhoon (Reward: $3 million.) The Chaotix force him to place the posters where they can't be seen, and refuse to serve him, so he leaves--unaware that the crew was hiding upstairs the whole time. Ultimately, it is Vector who blows their cover when he goes shopping for parts, and Pale Bay Leaf prepares to attack as soon as the ships take off.

Eggman catches a glimpse of Sonic in the window as he hangs the posters, so he returns that evening when the bar is closed. He attempts to draw Sonic out by gloating over his recent victory against the Blue Typhoon, but Sonic is unresponsive, so Vector plays along and serves Eggman a drink. Eggman confides his frustration at not being allowed to defeat Sonic alone, as well as his belief that Sonic would rather lose to him than the Metarex.

Sonic decides to launch as planned, despite Eggman's warnings that an armada is waiting for them behind the moon. Pale Bay Leaf destroys the Blue Typhoon as it takes off...or at least, he appears to. Eggman returns to the bar with heavy injuries, and his minions are left to repair the Crimson Egg, which was concealed in a Blue Typhoon-shaped shell. When the real Blue Typhoon takes off, they find no armada because it has left to report the "victory." Most of the crew believe that Eggman was only trying to scare them, but Sonic knows better: Eggman would never allow anyone else to take credit for Sonic's defeat...and therefore, he has just saved Sonic's life.

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Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Caça ao Ouriço Hedgehog Hunt

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