Sonic Driver

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The charging platform in the Sonic Driver.
The Sonic Driver, located on the bow of the Blue Typhoon.

The Sonic Driver (Sonic Power Cannon in the English dub) is the most powerful weapon equipped on the Blue Typhoon in Sonic X. It was designed by Miles "Tails" Prower.


The Sonic Driver takes the energy from the Master Emerald to gain the power it needs. The only ammunition it uses is Sonic himself. He runs down the nose of the Sonic Driver and stands on a platform on the inside of it. He then spins around to charge up power. Once the right power is attained, Tails fires Sonic at the target. It is used in most of the episodes in the third series.

It is shown that Sonic is not the only one capable of being fired out of the Sonic Driver. Tails fired Shadow out of it in "The Cosmo Conspiracy" to stop him from trying to harm Cosmo.

In "A Fearless Friend", Cosmo asked Tails to use the Sonic Driver to destroy Dark Oak and herself. Both Super Sonic and Super Shadow were fired out of it. The force had so much impact that the Sonic Driver was destroyed after Sonic and Shadow were fired out.