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The Metarex is an army of robots from the TV series Sonic X. They are led by the super powerful villain known as Dark Oak.

The origins of the Metarex are mysterious, as are their motives. They have traversed the galaxy, stealing Planet Eggs and objects of power, leaving whole worlds dead or dying in their wake. Among their victims are Cosmo's homeworld, along with every member of her species except her. They also implanted Cosmo with a hidden sensor, turning her into an unwilling spy.

Among the members of the Metarex are four that are known as "The Four Kings". They consist of Black Narcissus, Pale Bay Leaf, Red Pine, and Yellow Zelkova. Each are only second to Dark Oak.

The Metarex are incredibly powerful, able to outmatch Sonic and his allies (unless they have power-ups). There are multiple types, and they can appear in any environment.


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