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The following are instruction manuals for Sonic Chaos.


English story from US manual

SonicChaos GG US manual.pdf

Could this be the end of South Island? That evil maniac Dr. Robotnik has another twisted idea to take over the world! This time he wants to steal the mystical Chaos Emeralds. The emeralds are the source of vitality for all living things. But in the hands of rotten Dr. Robotnik, they could be turned into nuclear bombs and laser weapons!

The evil doctor has already snatched the Red Chaos Emerald, causing the other emeralds to lose balance and fly into a parallel universe. Now South Island is sinking into the ocean. Sonic and "Tails" will have to use all their super speed and super stunts to stop Dr. Robotnik and restore harmony to the universe!

"OK, Dr. Robotnik," says Sonic, "You're charged with contempt of hedgehog. There's no time to lose. Gotta slide, Clyde!"

English story from EU manual

Robotnik's at it Again!

For a year after the six Chaos Emeralds were restored to South Island, all was peaceful and quiet... except for the occasional sonic boom as Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend Miles "Tails" Prower practiced their speed runs.

Then one day, the island was rocked by a terrible explosion. Great chasms opened up in the ground. Strange new landmarks sprang into being. The animals — including Sonic and Tails — immediately began searching for the cause. It was Flicky the Bluebird who had the answer: "The Chaos Emeralds are missing from the North Cave!"

Tails frowned. "If the six Emeralds are separated, there's no balance, and chaos'll leak out all over the world! And if we don't find them fast, South Island will sink into the ocean!"

At that moment, a strange round flying machine roared overhead. Clutched in large pincers on its underbelly was the red Chaos Emerald! All the animals could see of the pilot was his bushy mustache and big red nose, but his nasty laugh was unmistakable — Dr. Robotnik!

"This time nothing can stop me! Once I have the other five Chaos Emeralds in my possession, I will rule the world! HAA, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!" Then the evil Dr. Robotnik and his flying machine vanished over the horizon.

"Not if we find'em first," said Sonic. "C'mon, Tails. Let's get those Emeralds!"

Story translated from Japanese

Sonic Chaos Game Gear JP Manual.pdfSonic Chaos Game Gear JP Manual.pdf

Translation by Windii.

The island of peace, South Island...
The illusionary super-substances known as the "Chaos Emeralds" rest here. These mythical gems hide infinite power, but they can become fearful weapons depending on how they're used. Now, the evil genius scientist Doctor Eggman has once again taken action, and is after those "Chaos Emeralds"!

One day, while Sonic and Tails were out on an adventure, they happened to hear terrible rumors.
"Eggman got one of the Chaos Emeralds!?" When they hurriedly returned to South Island, the island of peace was already in turmoil! As a result of Eggman having taken away one Chaos Emerald, the remaining "Chaos Emeralds" have also ended up scattering somewhere, and the island--which was supported by the gems' power--was sinking into the sea!!

"This time, victory is mine! The world will be mine, Sonic!!"
"Darn that Eggman, we'll make sure to take back the Chaos Emeralds! Let's go, partner!" "Roger!"

Sonic and Tails went running to crush Eggman's ambitions and to save the sunken South Island. Will Sonic and Tails get the last laugh, or will it be Eggman...?

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