Sonic Chaos (Master System prototype; 1993-06-30)

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SonicChaos630 SMS TitleScreen.png
Sonic Chaos
(Master System prototype; 1993-06-30)
Prerelease of: Sonic Chaos
System: Sega Master System
Build date: 1993-06-30
Source: EPROMs
Found by: drx

The 1993-06-30 build of Sonic Chaos is a prototype of Sonic Chaos for the Sega Master System. It claims to have been bulit on June 30, 1993, and has a version number of 0.20.

The ROM's header states "MS SONIC.THE.HEDGEHOG.3 Ver0.20 1993/06/30 @SEGA/Aspect Co.,Ltd", however the title screen lists both the International and Japanese titles for the game.


This prototype was discovered and acquired by drx of Hidden Palace in conjunction with The Cutting Room Floor, along with other prototypes of Sonic Chaos and other Sonic games, and dumped as part of "Sonic Month 2019" from October to November 2019[1]. This prototype, along with the other two Sonic Chaos prototypes, was released to the public on November 2, 2019.


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Sonic Chaos (Master System prototype; 1993-06-30), prerelease version of Sonic Chaos
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