Laser Walker

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Laser Walker
Game: Sonic Chaos
Level: Electric Egg Zone
Hits to defeat: 16 + 1

Laser WalkerMedia:SonicChaos GG US manual.pdf[1], known as Killer Turkey Gou (キラーターキィ号) in the Japanese manualMedia:Sonic Chaos Game Gear JP Manual.pdf[2], is the sixth and final boss of Sonic Chaos, fought at the end of Electric Egg Zone.


Once the player reaches the end of Act 3, Dr. Eggman enters the arena in a kind of scaled-down AT-ST Walker which fires a myriad of energy projectiles. When the player is in front of the mech, Eggman will fire a horizontally-moving shot with a wide radius, and if the player is above or behind him, he will shoot energy shots that ricochet all over the screen. The latter are actually quite difficult to dodge, as they persist for a considerable while. Another tactic the evil genius can do is to jump in the air to make it difficult for the player to attack the cockpit, which is the mech's sole weak point.

The Laser Walker can take 16 hits before it explodes... but then the mad scientist disengages his Egg Mobile and makes a last-ditch effort to ram Sonic/Tails to death. The last time he tried that tactic, it didn't work so well; this time, the Doctor's pod is larger, meaner, a lot faster, and will instantly kill the player if he hits them regardless of their Ring count. If the player can smack him on the head one more time, Eggman is defeated. Because he can come from any side of the screen, it can be very difficult to time the final hit.

Sonic/Tails proceeds to chase the escaping (and surprisingly nimble) Eggman across Electric Egg's metal plates. If the player has not collected the five available Chaos Emeralds from the game's Special Stages, Sonic trips over and falls on his face rather embarrassingly, allowing Eggman to get away. If all the Chaos Emeralds have been collected, Eggman still escapes aboard a floating platform, but he drops the sixth, red Emerald while doing so, resulting in the Good Ending. If Tails defeats Eggman, he will not drop the red Emerald, and the game will end with Tails' ending.



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