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Sonic Chaos
Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special level, Sonic Chaos
Number of Acts: 5

The Special Stages in Sonic Chaos are levels in which the Chaos Emeralds are collected (except the last one, which Robotnik drops after the last boss). The stages are only accessible by Sonic (i.e. not Tails). Entering the Special Stages is simple -- collect 100 rings and you will automatically be teleported there.

Sonic Chaos is the only Sonic game to feature completely different Special Stages for each Emerald. With the exception of the first Special Stage - where there is no terrain and Sonic effectively just flies through a Ring-filled void with Rocket Shoes - the Sonic Chaos bonus levels are extremely maze-like and generally considered very difficult. Punishing time limits and labyrinthine layouts often mean that getting the Emerald is nigh-impossible without knowing exactly which route to take before you start.

Fortunately, Sonic Retro is here to help! Check out Sonic Chaos Level Maps for the Special Stage layouts.


Sonic Chaos
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