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Player bugs

Loop animation error

SonicChaos SMS Bug LoopError.png

If the player were to walk/run backwards into a loop at a fast enough speed, they will run up the loop backwards, but their sprite will rotate the wrong way. This is due to the game expecting the player to be running through the loop through a certain way based on what direction they are running in.

An easy way to see this would be to select Sonic and locate the first loop of Turquoise Hill Zone Act 1. While standing from the loop, the player should perform a Strike Dash into the steep slope to the left and let go of all buttons until Sonic reaches the top of the slope. Then, they must tap Right a few times to make Sonic run backwards into the loop.[1]

Not fixed in any version.

Corner clipping

SonicChaos SMS Bug CornerClipping1.png
SonicChaos SMS Bug CornerClipping2.png

It is possible for the player to clip into the corners of low ceilings by running at high speed and then jumping at a specific frame. The frame window for this is very precise, usually about 0-1 frames, and varies depending on the player's position.

When clipped into a corner, the player will be stuck in the walls, but they can attempt to escape by jumping. Depending on which corner they get stuck in and how far the camera is moved up, the player could escape safely and carry on as normal, appear off-screen and cause visual errors but will otherwise be fine, or die.[2]

Not fixed in any version.

Graphical bugs

Miscoloured Chaos Emerald

SonicChaos GG ScoreCard SpecialStage.png

The final Chaos Emerald collected from the Special Stage has an incorrect palette on the results tally in the Game Gear version only. This does not occur in the Master System version, which was built before the Game Gear versions.

Introduced in the Game Gear version.
Not fixed in any further version.


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